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In case of late check-in arrival or early check-out from apartment, we have a secret place where we leave the keys or a solution in this situasion.  We send this location or information for keys only at your request if you need for late arrival at the apartment. In 80% of guest arrivals, we try  to by ourselves to welcome guests to feel comfortable. However due to this situation with Covid-19, in our interes is to avoid any unnecessary contact, so late arrival is not the only one condition or option for self check-in. Thank you for understanding and we are always here for you & your family if you need us.

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Covid-19 Information on the possibilities of entering the Republic of Croatia!

Information on the possibilities of entering the Republic of Croatia

The entry of foreign nationals into the Republic of Croatia is possible if certain conditions, which can be found at:
According to the text from the above link, entry into the Republic of Croatia is possible, among other things, for the realization of economic interest. This category also includes proof of paid accommodation or reservation for an apartment/hotel, lump-sum contract for a pitch at the campsite, reservation of a pitch at the campsite, rental of a tourist boat or sailboat, paid or arranged guided tours of the Republic of Croatia and a whole other spectrum of tourist activities, co-ownership shares in companies registered in the Republic of Croatia, visits to dental clinics, etc. As each country has different prescribed conditions for crossing the border, updated information on these conditions can be found at the following link:

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Below are links to the pages of the Ministry of the Interior where the answers to the questions about the necessary documentation for entering the Republic of Croatia are given, following various examples of the need to cross the border. An online form for questions is also included. All information is in Croatian, German and English.
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